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Jennifer Couture - The Most Accurate Definition of Social Media

Jennifer Couture, Fort Myers, Florida - (Photo by: Karen Westerly) According to Jennifer Couture , what exactly is social media? The use of social media has become an accepted part of our daily lives. This mode of communication has raised our awareness of global events and allowed us to connect with other people and organizations. A single tweet, for example, can quickly disseminate information about a fire raging in the Amazon Rainforest. Likewise, the use of social media by governments and political parties has resulted in a power shift from organizations to consumers. While social media was initially used to connect with friends, it has now evolved into a popular means of communication and information sharing. It has expanded to include photo sharing, blogging, video sharing, and large networks of people who share similar interests. These websites have risen to prominence as a primary source of news and viral marketing. While they are primarily used by teenagers and college students